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ECTP BED Committee NBS Initiative Position Paper

The ECTP Built Environment Decarbonisation (BED) Committee has launched an initiative on "NBS and the Built Environment" in June 2023.

The process leading to the formation of the task group on "Embracing NatureBased Solutions (NBS) for Sustainable Development", and the subsequent development of a position paper, followed a structured and collaborative approach. Beginning with the introduction of the initiative to ECTP members in last June, it progressed through phases of engagement, coordination, and active participation. In September, activities commenced with a call for participants, followed by the establishment of roles and the initiation of work in October and November. This period saw the administration of a survey to gauge awareness of NBS, setting the stage for informed discussions.

Coordinated by RINA Consulting, the process emphasized inclusivity, recognizing the value of contributions from all participants and fostering an environment conducive to knowledge exchange. Throughout the endeavour, the focus remained on delivering high-quality outcomes, leveraging collective expertise to produce a comprehensive and impactful position paper. This work highlights the collaborative approach driving sustainable development efforts within the Built Environment sector under the auspices of ECTP.

Download the ECTP BED Committee NBS Initiative Position Paper here.