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ECTP has just released its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2024-2030

The built environment and construction industry has an essential role to play in the socio-economic transition towards a sustainable and climate-neutral economy and society. The way we design and build our buildings and infrastructures impacts the way we live, as individuals and communities. It also impacts the climate, resources, and biodiversity on the planet. On both dimensions, industry must undergo some deep transformation to deliver a more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and enriching built environment. Research and innovation are key drivers in this transformation.

One of the main missions of ECTP is to develop a sectoral Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) to identify the challenges that the built environment and construction industry has to take up and propose R&I pathways to achieve them. Such SRIA identifies and describes the future R&I priorities for developing and rolling-out the solutions that will help taking up the societal, environmental, industrial, and technological challenges faced by the industry and the built environment, in a policy and regulatory framework that constitutes a strong driver. This SRIA aims to ensure that the construction sector will, in the long-term, secure its competitiveness and sustainability, whilst the built environment will provide secure, safe, and smart living places for all citizens in Europe.

The long-term vision of ECTP, for both the built environment and the related industrial sectors involved in the value chain, is formalised as follows:
A climate neutral built environment enabling the well-being of all EU citizens, provided by a circular, digitalised, and resilient construction value chain.

To achieve such a vision, three objectives are set by 2030:

  • Objective 1: A resilient, decarbonised, adaptative and regenerative built environment,
  • Objective 2: An enriching, inclusive and health-improving built environment,
  • Objective 3: A competitive, digitalised, and circular value chain.

Download the full version of ECTP SRIA 2024-2030 here, and its Executive Summary here.