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ECTP has the pleasure to welcome 2 other Applicant Organisations

The following organisations have recently applied for ECTP membership:

University of Turku (UTU)
University of Turku is an internationally competitive science university. Their operations are based on high-quality, multidisciplinary education and research. They are part of the international academic community and work in collaboration with society. 
A prime illustration of their commitment to enhancing the built environment through collaborative research is the Turku Urban Research Programme. This is an exemplary partnership between the City of Turku, the University of Turku, and Åbo Akademi University. At its core, the Turku Urban Research Programme aims to bolster academic research on urban issues. The findings then flow into urban governance, creating a symbiotic relationship between academic knowledge and practical urban development. This collaboration manifests in several ways: an annual funding competition for extended academic projects, bespoke research tailored to the municipality's pressing needs, and grant competitions supporting Master’s theses centered on urban topics at both participating universities. Integral to all funded projects is the consistent, hands-on collaboration between the academic researchers and on-ground practitioners.

e-CODOMH - Cluster of companies for Efficient and Sustainable Construction, Buildings & Infrastructures - was founded in January 2022. 
It collaborates with a number of research organisations and Greek associations of industries.
The vision of e-CODOMH is to become an innovative ecosystem of the construction sector, acting as a catalyst for sustainable development of the enterprises along the entire construction value chain, and through the entire lifecycle of buildings and construction. Its mission is to upgrade entrepreneurship and create an added value in the Greek construction sector for Efficient and Sustainable Construction-Buildings-Infrastructures, based on the pillars of "Quality-Innovation-Knowledge-Synergies".
e-CODOMH connects businesses and stakeholders of the construction and infrastructure sectors, and works through 5 strategic action axes: 1. Business Innovation and Sustainable Development, 2. lndustrial research and Innovation, 3. Networking and access to finance, 4. Training and Up-Skills, 5. Regulatory Guidance of Testing and Certification.