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ECTP has the pleasure to welcome 3 new Applicant Organisations!

The following organisations have recently applied for ECTP membership, and will be formally admitted by the next ECTP General Assembly in 2023:

RENOWAVE.AT - Innovation Lab for Sustainable, Climate-Neutral Building and Neighbourhood Renovation
The innovation laboratory RENOWAVE.AT will act as a central contact point for cooperation in innovation projects and provide and promote systematic and early access to innovative, scalable renovation concepts and sustainable renovation technologies within real development environments (open innovation principle).
RENOWAVE.AT is a long-term and continuous impulse generator for the realisation of many building refurbishments and several redeveloped districts throughout Austria. The topics and contents are processed and advanced in the organisational form of a cooperative. RENOWAVE.AT builds on and supports existing structures in Austria.

Reengen is a technology SME established in 2012, with end-to-end digital energy intelligence solutions for smart grid and buildings, including public and commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Already collecting data from thousands of buildings in 15+ countries, the data science centric loT Platform employs machine learning algorithms and big data analytics in order to provide energy saving, operational efficiency, energy procurement optimization and predictive maintenance for its customers.
Reengen focuses on the development of data analytics-based innovative solutions as well as the demonstration of these solutions through the real-life use cases in collaboration with various stakeholders including the distribution system operators (DSOs), energy retailers, universities, RTOs, local energy communities, and industry representatives in order to allow them to increase energy efficiency of buildings, residential areas and the built environment in general.

Kadikoy Municipality
Kadikoy is one of the central districts of the metropolitan city of Istanbul, with its cosmopolitan structure and central  location.  Primarily  dealing  with  infrastructure, social services, environment & sustainability, culture and arts issues, Kadikoy Municipality also provides its services with an innovative, modern and besides them is a pioneer local government in Turkey with its efforts on new mobility, green deal implementations, combating climate change and smart city practices.
Kadikoy Municipality has 2 facilitate centers which names are Kadikoy Design Studio and Kadikoy Academy. These areas were constructed to make the citizen to implement the  workshops and other accessive opportunities (questionnaire and data analytic models) about the district exemplified by modern approach bicycle organisation and similar studies. There are university and related institute connections that reach large dimensions.