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ECTP has the pleasure to welcome again 3 new Applicant Organisations!

The following organisations have recently applied for ECTP membership:

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is Finland’s largest University of Applied Sciences with 17 000 students and 1 000 staff members. It is one of the 23 universities of applied sciences in Finland administered by Ministry of Education and Culture.
Metropolia’s strategy 2030 aim is to be known as a creator of innovative solutions for global challenges and an influential ecosystem actor through their phenomenon-based innovation hubs.
Their expertise in research, development and innovation activities is displayed through various projects and services in the five innovation hubs, which are: Clean and Sustainable Solutions, Customer-oriented Wellbeing and Health Services, Data-driven Construction; Functional City for People, and Smart Mobility. The innovation hubs provide a new way to learn, produce solutions and collaborate in an interdisciplinary way with international partners on major phenomena or challenges for the benefit of society as a whole.

NETO Innovation is a French consulting company for innovation management and funding.
Thanks to the expertise of its team - with more than 15 years of experience in project management and development - they offer various types of services to support companies in the financing of their RDI projects:
• Funding of innovation through partner search, consortium setting up, and drafting of project proposals;
• Technical advice on specific areas such as synthesis, formulation, and industrial manufacturing of materials, printed and hybrid electronics, sustainable energies, immunology, and oncology;
• Management of Research, Development, and Innovation projects;
• Funding of innovation through the preparation of financial and technical files for the CIR (Research Tax Credit).

TOPRAK is a Turkish SME focused on advance facade solutions. It was founded in 2016 as a start-up and first pilot project working on a real-life environment was constructed in 2020 in Ankara-TURKEY.
The aim of their product SMART FACADE is to produce a "positive energy façade" that can meet all the HVAC needs of the building (or even produce more than needed) with RES sources. In this way, a great contribution would be made to design of the nZEB buildings or PED (positive energy district) systems. For this purpose, they are also working on heat pumps, desiccant materials, BIPV panels and low temperature TES (thermal energy storage) technologies that can be adapted to the Smart Facade system.

With these 3 new applications, there is currently a total of 7 organisations to be formally admitted by the next ECTP General Assembly in 2023.