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ECTP welcomes 5 new Members

Further to the application forms received in the past weeks, ECTP will officially welcome 5 new Members at its next ECTP General Assembly taking place for the first place online on June 24.

A short description of these organisations is available below.

Built Environment Commons (formerly Octopussy&Co)
BE Commons is a French private non-profit Innovation & Communication associative agency working to ensure the highest impact of Research and Development in the Built Environment industrial sector, striving to help new ideas going the long way to the market, while promoting and disseminating them at the widest possible audiences.

EcoWise Ekodenge Ltd
EcoWise Ekodenge is a Research and Consultancy Company, opened in London in 2016 and composed of a multi-disciplinary team of experts. Its parent company Ekodenge Inc. was founded in Ankara, Turkey in 1996 and now has over 24 years of experience across the urban and built environment with offices now in Turkey, the UK and the Netherlands. EcoWise is a partner in various UK and EU consortia and associations in the construction sector.

GRÜNSTATTGRAU Research- and Innovation GmbH
GRÜNSTATTGRAU is the Austrian competence centre and central coordination unit for raising issues about the future of urban green environment, innovations and ideas for green cities, for activities targeting research dissemination and knowledge transfer, technical implementation knowledge, participation management and economic and social cooperation concerning Green Infrastructure and nature based solutions on buildings.

IDP Ingenieria Y Arquitectura Iberia SL
The IDP Group is a global and multisectoral technical service company specialized in the fields of engineering, environment and architecture.
The evolution of the market; a clear customer-oriented framework; a technical and multidisciplinary team; the high efficiency and specialization of its services; as well as the firm commitment to technology have enabled IDP to be present in 4 out of the 5 continents, carrying out projects both for the public and the private sectors.

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Laboratory of Heterogeneous Mixtures & Combustion Systems
The Laboratory of Heterogeneous Mixtures & Combustion Systems (HMCS) belongs to the Thermal Engineering Section of the School of Mechanical Engineering of the NTUA. NTUA.HMCS research areas focus on Experimental and numerical investigation of combustion and fire, experimental and numerical investigation of building energy saving solutions, modeling and integrated technical and socioeconomic assessments of energy systems. NTUA.HMCS has participated in 35 EU-funded projects since 2002 and currently participates in four H2020 projects.

Source: ECTP Secretariat