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EeB cPPP 2018 Progress Monitoring Report released by ECTP

The Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) cPPP is a partnership between the European Commission and the private sector as represented by the Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) Committee of the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP).

The multiannual EeB cPPP roadmap is the document containing the research and innovation priorities of the private sector, which are essential inputs for the design of the research work programmes by the EC and the ECTP E2B Committee.

The aim of the annual Progress Monitoring Report (PMR) is to provide a critical analysis of the EeB cPPP progress in the implementation of its multiannual roadmap, a summary of progress achieved on KPIs common to all cPPPs and KPIs specific to the EeB cPPP and an overview of the general progress of the PPP since its inception.

Following the mid-term review of the contractual public private partnerships (cPPPs), one of the recommendation has been to enhance the transparency of the management process and readability of the PMR. The 2018 edition, prepared by ECTP, implements this recommendation with a new simplified structure.

The PMR also becomes a public document and can be downloaded here.

Source: ECTP Secretariat