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EMIRI Technology Roadmap – Where advanced materials can make the difference to achieve clean and sustainable Energy and Mobility

EMIRI, the Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative, is representing more than 50 organizations (industry, research, associations) active in advanced materials for clean and sustainable energy & mobility technologies. EMIRI contributes to industrial leadership of developers, producers and key users of advanced materials by shaping innovation, manufacturing and energy policy framework at European level.

The new EMIRI Technology Roadmap is now available for download HERE.

At the core of clean and sustainable energy and mobility technologies, necessary to tackle climate change, lie undoubtedly Advanced Materials. Without constant innovation in Advanced Materials, driving up the performance, durability and sustainability of these technologies while reducing their cost would not be possible.

Detailing the Advanced Materials challenges to tackle and the innovation approaches recommended, the 2nd edition of the EMIRI Technology Roadmap is a reference for policy-makers in EU and its Member States co-designing Horizon Europe, for the industry as well as the research world.

The advanced materials demand for clean and sustainable energy and mobility will grow continuously until 2050 and beyond. There is a rapidly increasing request for better, safer, more affordable and environmentally friendly solutions. The industrial competition is fierce, not only from established world regions but also from new, strong challengers.

Source: EMIRI,