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EU Survey on Building renovation (H2020 project RINNO)

The project “RINNO: An augmented intelligence-enabled stimulating framework for deep energy renovation delivering occupant-centered innovations”, funded by the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 892071 (;, has launched a survey on the Requirements & Market Needs, Barrier and Challenges for Buildings Renovation Process.

RINNO aims at performing an analysis that engages all stakeholders across the value chain in order to define and evaluate key requirements for the whole value chain. In this sense, the RINNO consortium encompasses a broad construction stakeholders’ community, for liaison activities with construction-related entities that might be interested in the results and findings of the RINNO project.

This survey aims at gathering information about the common practices and the main concerns of the stakeholders involved in the whole renovation value chain, the current barriers identified in the renovation processes and how which technology scenarios could help to overcome them. These subjects will be addressed through specific analyses by type of stakeholder and for each stage of the process in order to reach conclusions adjusted to the distinguishing needs and requirements.
You are invited to review and answer the questions, in accordance to your own industrial or research expertise in the field of renovation, using the following link:

Source: RINA Consulting, project coordinator