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Eurac Reseach is joining ECTP

ECTP has the pleasure to welcome a new applicant organisation, Eurac Research, which membership will be formally endorsed by the next ECTP General Assembly.

Eurac Research addresses the greatest challenges of the future: keeping societies healthy, fostering intact environments, promoting sustainable energy and developing well-functioning political and social systems. Seeking answers through interaction between a variety of disciplines, they develop concrete solutions for regional problems which can then be applied globally. They continually strive to open new paths with science and innovation, by responding to society’s complex questions with answers geared to the needs of people.

A team of international experts from a wide variety of backgrounds work together at the institute. Transformation means not only moving away from fossil sources, but also reducing consumption. To achieve this, they are working with industry partners to improve the energy efficiency of products and develop intelligent solutions for energy refurbishment of historical and recent buildings in international research projects as well as working with local administrations to create Smart Cities.

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Source: ECTP Secretariat