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European Commission plans "symbolic launch" for Horizon Europe on 2 February

The Commission and the Portuguese presidency of the EU Council will host the launch event for Horizon Europe on 2 February, with terms for public private partnerships, the legal framework under which the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) will operate, and the scope of the research missions, yet to be agreed.

Research stakeholders say the event will be a “symbolic launch” of the programme, to mark the end of the lengthy preparations and negotiations.

The Commission is planning to publish the work programmes – with the calls planned for the first years of Horizon Europe – after the Parliament plenary in April. Around that time, the Commission will also launch its co-programmed research partnerships and sign contracts with the private entities involved.

Member states are now allowed to transfer up to 5 per cent of their EU structural funds – usually spent on roads, railways and other infrastructure investments – to finance Horizon Europe projects. The legislation also gives new impetus to the “seal of excellence” scheme, designed to encourage member states to fund research projects that pass the scrutiny of EU reviewers, but for which no funding is available in Horizon Europe.

The final agreed budget for Horizon Europe is €95.5 billion, including €4 billion recently retrieved in a compromise deal with member states and €5 billion to come out of the EU’s pandemic recovery fund.

The second pillar of Horizon Europe, that will finance the industrial partnerships and closer-to-market research, was allocated 56% of the entire budget.

More information, including the event agenda, available here.

Link to connect to the online event (11:30 - 17h30 CET):