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EUSEW2022 Policy session: EU convergence of building performance calculation methods

EPB Center, ECI, BPIE and ECTP bring together key actors from their side and the European Commission, a guest moderator from EuroACE and guest panellists from EPEE and eu.bac/EU-ASE to make the invisible visible and debate about the importance of choices made in the national building performance assessment methods and their prerequisite role and high impact in completely decarbonizing in practice the EU’s building stock by 2050, while simultaneously contributing to strengthen EU’s energy security.

A transparent, holistic and evidence-based approach is instrumental be it for building certification, cost-optimality or financing purposes. In addition to raising awareness, the online session "Making building performance assessment transparent & holistic: ensuring a reliable and level playing field" aims to instil an ongoing constructive exchange with all interested stakeholders to be sustained after EUSEW 2022.

It will take place on September 20, from 13:30 to 15:00 CET, within EUSEW 2022.

ECTP will be represented by its Secretary General, Alain Zarli.

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