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Foundation of Metabuilding ASBL

Within the Metabuilding Ecosystem, the non-profit association Metabuilding ASBL has been founded under Belgian law in December 2023.
The overarching goal of the Metabuilding ASBL is to foster awareness of innovation and push new technologies that contribute to a sustainable, connected, resilient, scalable, competitive, durable, and inclusive Built Environment.
The Association strives to provide stakeholders in the construction ecosystem with facilitated access to sector-specific knowledge, R&D results, private and public funding, professional innovation services, and collaborative opportunities, all through a dedicated digital platform:
Its core activity revolves around operating the Single-Entry Point (SEP) of Metabuilding Labs Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB). The SEP facilitates access to testing facilities and innovation support services, for building envelopes. This brokerage service provides innovators with access to existing testing facilities, real-time availability, and transparent pricing information.
ECTP is an honorary member of Metabuilding ASBL.