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Fundación CIRCE has applied for ECTP membership

ECTP has the pleasure to welcome a new applicant organisation, which membership will be formally endorsed by the next General Assembly.

CIRCE is a technology centre founded in 1993, which provides innovative solutions to foster a worldwide sustainable development.

CIRCE's mission is to foster industry competitiveness through generation of technology transfer by means of R&D activities and market-oriented training. CIRCE's research and innovation lines focus on: renewable energy; future electricity grids; smart mobility; industry 4.0; energy efficiency; circular economy and sustainability.

CIRCE’s experience in the field of construction, built environment, energy efficiency in buildings districts and cities covers several areas:

  • Energy management systems: advanced monitoring of built environment; support to the definition and construction of sustainable buildings, both from the environmental and energy point of view
  • Energy audit: CIRCE is the first Spanish entity accredited by ENAC for the certification of energy auditors in industry and building according to ISO 17024: 2012.
  • Life-cycle analysis with environmental (LCA), economic (LCC) and social (S-LCA) perspective.

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Source: ECTP Secretariat