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GEOLAB - workshops on Research, Innovation and Geotechnical Research Facilities

GEOLAB is an European network of renowned institutes bringing together six geo-centrifuges and six other large research facilities: a geo-model container, a pile foundation test pit, a static liquefaction tank, a railway track simulator, a large-scale triaxial apparatus and a set of field test sites. The project is funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. The overarching aim of GEOLAB is perform ground-breaking research & innovation that enhances the resilience of Europe’s Critical Infrastructure.

This can be of high interest to the members of ECTP, offering the opportunity to test and validate innovative solutions for infrastructure and ageing, since the ECTP Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda 2021-2027 was one of the focal points during development of the proposal.
You are cordially invited to join GEOLAB’s hybrid workshops on Research, Innovation and Geotechnical Research Facilities. This will take place in Madrid on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Here we engage with GEOLAB users, stakeholders, industry and SME.

More information and registration link: GEOLAB Hosts its First Networking Event in Madrid.

These workshops are organized back2back with the ECTP Conference in Madrid.

Source: Deltares, GEOLAB Coordinator