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Implementing the SET Plan - 2020 report

The Strategic Energy Technologies Information System (SETIS) has released the “Implementing the SET Plan 2020 report”.

The SETIS progress report presents the state of implementation of the SET Plan by mid-2020, and its role in the delivery of the European Green Deal, through commonly agreed R&I priorities and targets for clean energy solutions.  The alignment of national R&I programmes with the common SET Plan agenda will make Europe a global leader of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies and thus contribute to EU’s growth strategy.

The information presented in this report relies exclusively on the inputs that SETIS received from the Implementation Working Groups. A commonly agreed monitoring methodology was developed during a co-creation workshop organized by SETIS in February 2020 in cooperation with the IWGs-Chairs.

ECTP is contributing to the IWG5, with the participation of Paul Cartuyvels, Alexis David and Alain Zarli.

Access more information and download the report on the SETIS website here.

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