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INEGI (Portuguese RTO) is joining ECTP

ECTP has the pleasure to welcome INEGI as new applicant member.

INEGI is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO), created in 1986, dedicated to carrying out research and innovation activities aligned with the interests of the business sector, particularly promoted by its industrial partners, and developed through 5 collaboration models: 1) research and development projects, 2) innovation and technology transfer projects, 3) scientific and technological consulting, 4) provision of laboratory services, and 5) advanced training. It operates in 4 main areas of scientific and technological knowledge: 1) Advanced Production Processes and Technologies, 2) New Materials and Structural Solutions, 3) Development of Products and Systems, and 4) Energy and Environment. INEGI is considered one of the most effective Portuguese RTOs in converting R&D investment in economic and social value, while ensuring the personal and professional development of employees and the enrichment of higher education. More than 40% of its total turnover of about 14 million euros comes from R&D and innovation projects funded by the industry.

INEGI has more than 100 associate members, and a workforce of about 246 employees, including more than 58 PhD researchers, being the largest research group in the Mechanical Engineering Field in Portugal. INEGI’s research infrastructure includes a broad set of well-equipped laboratories and an extensive engineering tools base for supporting its R&D activity as well as the production of industrial or commercial prototypes. INEGI is actively participating in several national and international expert panels, consulting committees, groups and societies, sectorial industry clusters (automotive, aeronautics, tooling, additive manufacturing, sea economy, health and energy).