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INSTRUCT survey for the construction sector

INSTRUCT intends to create a complete operational framework to increase the number of skilled building professionals and blue collar workers over the whole value chain (both for renovations and new constructions), and offer a set of service to support raising awareness of home and building owners and tenants about the benefits of sustainable energy skills, and the public authorities for the development of new legislative frameworks, e.g. requirements for skilled workers in public procurement.

The project is currently conducting research to highlight evidence that corroborates and reinforces the correlation between education, energy performance and quality.

You can share your opinion about the link between energy efficiency skills and energy performance in buildings by filling in the survey launched by the project at

Your opinion will be much appreciated and will help the project consortium to prove that it is essential to act quickly on the market level to reduce the threats arising from lack of skills in the energy efficiency in the construction sector and interconnected sectors.

All gathered surveys will pose a basis for further analysis. Results of this research are crucial for us to take further steps in INSTRUCT project and deliver an operational framework and set of services serving a new generation of skilled and certified workers and fitters.

For further information about the project visit:

Source: ASM, INSTRUCT consortium