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Introducing SmartBuilt4EU and the SBIC

The European project SmartBuilt4EU, funded under the H2020 programme, has been launched in October 2020. Its main objective is to consolidate and support the Smart Building Innovation Community, so as to release the full power of smart building technologies and to remove the last barriers slowing down the improvement of the energy performance of buildings, with the Smart Readiness Indicator as key instrument.

Its first newsletter focuses on the recent progress of the project and the most remarkable activities carried out:

* Mapping and consolidation of the Smart Buildings Innovation Community
   Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations
   Smart Building Community
   White paper. A digital revolution for the built environment? Flexibility, comfort, and new business models for heat pumps.
* Knowledge sharing and supporting activities for the SBIC
   Get ready to give your views on the first Green Papers of the four SmartBuilt4EU task forces!
* Promotion, experimentation and roll-out of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) in the EU
* Events attended & organized by SmartBuilt4EU

and gives an overview of the upcoming Smart Building related events.

Download the 1st SB4EU Newsletter here.

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Source: ECTP, SB4EU project coordinator