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Invitation to join the Digital Building Logbooks community

Digital Building Logbooks have the potential to support the digitalisation of the construction ecosystem to support EU, national and industry environmental objectives, and in general can serve as a gateway to connect the ecosystem. They help connect stakeholders along the value chain and throughout the lifecycle of a building by facilitating the collection, storage, sharing and updating of data.

Ecorys, TNO, Arcadis and Contecht have embarked on an 18 months journey with the European Commission to develop an EU framework and a set of guidelines for EU Member States on setting up and operationalising digital building logbooks under such a framework. For this journey, they require your inputs and feedback to guide them and ensure that the framework and guidelines are useful to you and the rest of the construction ecosystem.

You can register at the following link to join the expert community to build an EU model for a Digital Building Logbook:

By joining, you will regularly be updated on the progress of the project and receive invitations to provide input and feedback on the guidelines through interviews, surveys and webinars.