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Join the Horizon Results Platform to help make our Cities Climate-Neutral and "Smart"!

The European Commission invites the projects funded under the Research and Innovation Framework Programmes to join forces with them in attaining the goals set forth by the EU Mission to make our Cities "Smart" and Climate-Neutral:

  • Deliver 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030
  • Ensure that these cities act as experimentation and innovation hubs to enable all European cities to follow suit by 2050.

Jean-Eric PAQUET, Director General of DG Research and Innovation is a strong believer that the research you conducted and the innovations that you created are the key enablers to achieve these goals. (See attached list of projects that may be relevant for the Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission.)

You are therefore invited to bring your key results to the fore, by publishing them on the Horizon Results Platform, the reference Platform for Research and Innovation Key Exploitable Results!

Doing so, will enable the EC to promote them towards achieving the above-mentioned goals, at the same time offering you several benefits and free services. In order to give the EC services time to analyse the needs of each of your results, please upload them on the Horizon Results Platform by no later than June 20, 2022.

More information on the EC website here.