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Last updates from COGITO project

The COGITO project introduces a real-time digital representation (twin) of a construction project, using methods to ensure interoperability among the different components and technologies constituting the digital twin ecosystem, following the lean construction principles. COGITO aims to materialise the digitalisation benefits for the construction industry by harmonising Digital Twins with the Building Information Model concept and to establish a digital Construction 4.0 tool-box.

The project has recently published the 3 following reports:

Digitalisation is a key to the future of the construction sector industry
The report Analysis of digital tools market and prevailing regulatory frameworks focuses on important matters that could influence the COGITO project and the implementation of the COGITO tools.

COGITO Data Model and Ontology Definition and Interoperability Design
This report details the methodology and technological infrastructure used to develop the COGITO ontology network, as well as the first version of the ontologies that make up such an ontology network. The development of these ontologies has been aligned with the gathering of requirements and with the specification of the COGITO architecture; since this is an ongoing task, the ontology network will evolve over time.

COGITO Digital Twin Platform Design & Interface Specification
This report introduced and analysed in detail the software architecture of the COGITO’s DTP. The DTP plays a central role in COGITO’s architecture, as it is responsible, not only for performing user management tasks but also for handling and processing all the incoming data traffic and for converting COGITO’s input data to suitable data formats for all the COGITO applications.

All recent results of the COGITO project are available in the Library of Public Deliverables.

Source: ASM, COGITO Consortium