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Launch of the European Smart Building Community with the H2020 project SmartBuilt4EU

The European project SmartBuilt4EU, funded under the H2020 programme, has been launched in October 2020. Its main objective is to consolidate and support the Smart Building Innovation Community, so as to release the full power of smart building technologies and to remove the last barriers slowing down the improvement of the energy performance of buildings.

You can register to the Smart Building Innovation Community here.

The CSA brings together 5 partners (ECTP as coordinator, Dowel Innovation, Eurac Research, R2M Solution & Vito), plus 5 ECTP's linked third parties (ASM, Cardiff University, LIST, TNO & VTT), with solid complementary expertise and geographical coverage. It is structured in 6 work packages to reach the targeted impacts and unlock the smart building potential, with the Smart Readiness Indicator as key instrument.

Access more information in the first SB4EU Press release here.

Source: SmartBuilt4EU Consortium