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Lukasiewicz - lnstitute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining applies for ECTP Membership

Lukasiewicz - lnstitute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining is a research institute with over 70 years of history of innovation in construction methods, automation of construction and mining, and new construction materials. Since 2019 the institute has been part of The Lukasiewicz Research Network - the third largest research network in Europe. It is a realisation of Poland's aspiration to work with European and global leaders.
At present, the lnstitute is focused on research in industrial robotics and automatization in construction industry and mining, new isolation technologies and materials, modular construction, circular economy and industrial waste management. Since 2021, the lnstitute is the coordinator of Lukasiewicz Modular Buildings Research Programme, aimed at creating new and innovative solutions in the field of construction and isolation materials, technologies of construction and prefabrication for industrialized modular building processes, as well as integrating those solutions into low-emission and smart built environment.

Lukasiewicz  - lnstitute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining is also active in the field of clean energy transition as an operator of the lndustry Contact Point (ICP) Low-emission Technologies and Clean Energy. The ICP project is aimed at integrating, educating and supporting both industry and academia in Poland in order to boost participation of those entities in Horizon Europe projects, including in field of construction technology, renewable energy, BMS, smart home solutions etc.

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