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Materials 2030 Manifesto

Materials are the physical substance all things are made of. Advanced materials are designed with a purpose to have novel or enhanced properties and improve performance over conventional materials, products and processes.

Europe is strong in developing advanced materials, however new opportunities need to be seized to safeguard industrial leadership and a strategic autonomy. On 7 February 2022, the Materials 2030 Manifesto was presented to Commissioner Gabriel. The European Commission recognises the challenges and opportunities highlighted in Manifesto and will develop a roadmap for advance materials created with a wider set of experts and stakeholders by summer 2022.

The Manifesto proposes the following three actions:

  • Establish a consolidated strategic roadmap in the short term (3-4 months);
  • Launch an agile and inclusive governance of advanced materials at EU level (6 months);
  • Translate the consolidated roadmap into a novel European strategic agenda for a sustainable society through the next generation of advanced materials (12 months).

More information on the EC website here.

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