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Materials 2030 Roadmap published

Advanced materials and chemicals are essential for the well-being, high living standards and comfort of modern society. Advanced materials are considered to be a Key Enabling Technology. They are used in many sectors (e.g. health, energy, mobility and housing) in products such as consumer goods, construction materials, cleaning products, cosmetics and more.

Advanced materials, including nanomaterials, are designed with a purpose to have novel or enhanced properties and improve performance over conventional materials in products and processes. Europe is strong in developing advanced materials. However, new opportunities need to be seized to safeguard industrial leadership and a strategic autonomy.

On 7 February 2022, a Materials 2030 Manifesto was presented by high-level representatives from European research institutes and industries to Commissioner Gabriel. It stressed the importance of EU’s technology leaderships, strategic autonomy and the role of advanced materials. It invites stakeholders to combine more closely upstream research with industry driven applications in innovation markets.

Building on the vision of the Materials 2030 Manifesto, on 22 June, the Materials 2030 Roadmap was published. The goal of this Roadmap is to pave the way for the engagement of all advanced materials stakeholders and co-create the European materials agenda with R&I stakeholders.

More information on the EC website here.

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