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Metabuilding ASBL is joining ECTP

ECTP has the pleasure to welcome a fourth applicant organisation, which membership will be formally endorsed by the upcoming ECTP General Assembly on 19 June 2024.

The Metabuilding Association aims to provide all stakeholders in the European research and innovation ecosystem in the construction sector with facilitated access to:
a) sector-specific, dedicated, and selected knowledge and information,
b) professional innovation and testing services throughout the innovation process, from idea to market, and
c) a collaborative digital platform ( where this knowledge and services can reach the innovation community.

Metabuilding ASBL is the Single-entry Point (broker of services and management of the network) of Metabuilding Labs, an Open Innovation Test Bed for the Construction Sector, providing innovation services and featuring 100+ testing facilities over currently 12 EU countries.

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