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METABUILDING LABS presentation @ the New European Bauhaus Festival

METABUILDING LABS was one of the projects showcased at the first edition of the New European Bauhaus Festival, aiming to bring the European Green Deal to the heart of our daily live.

The Fair consisted of a live exhibition (including virtual reality, 3D, and live interaction) across Brussels to showcase current and future projects, along with opportunities to meet, interact and exchange ideas.

 METABUILDING LABS’ ambitions for participating in this event in Brussels from 9 to 12 June 2022 were:

  • to present physical examples of innovative solutions for energy and resource efficient buildings.
  • to provide a joyful immersive experience to visitors to sensitize them for the importance of user participation in project planning and the development of building solutions.

To know more about the technologies presented, take a look to the video produced by the project consortium for the event:

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