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METABUILDING’s 2nd SEED Call will close on January 26, 2022!

After the successful first SEED Call and first GROW/HARVEST Call, METABUILDING project opened on November 2, 2021 its 2nd SEED call.

SEED Innovation Vouchers, up to €5000, are available to SME’s to support an innovation project or new idea. The vouchers can be used to finance (or part-finance) external support from technical, legal, financial, and business experts.

SEED vouchers provide SMEs with a solid foundation (technical feasibility, business case, IP issues, due diligence on partner or technology) to make critical decisions and advancements related to innovation projects. The SEED vouchers can be used in any stage of an innovation project and are not limited to actions in the early technology readiness levels (TRLs).


Provide direct financial and non-financial innovation support for SMEs.

  • Increase competitiveness of SMEs through international collaboration.
  • Support SMEs to get out of the COVID-19 crisis through innovation.
  • Stimulate the innovation potential of the Construction sector through cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration.
  • Create and expand a Digital Platform facilitating collaboration and innovation in an enlarged Built Environment Sector.

Closing date
: 26.01.2021 at 17:00 (Brussels time)

Find out more information about the call and the evaluation criteria here: