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New achievements of HOLISDER project presented!

HOLISDER is an EU project testing innovative models to incease the impact of flexible energy services by addressing the relationship between ESCO’s, demand response aggregators and end-users.  Project objectives are to be achieved by the deployment of end-user technologies for consumer empowerment. Currently, almost after two years of project life cycle, HOLISDER consortium members (HONEYWELL and ETRA) both present new demonstrators dedicated to the successful production and integration of mature and proven technologies.

First of these demonstrators is prepared by HONEYWELL engineers strongly supporting the technological side of the project. This document serves as a technical manual for interacting with the Interoperability and Data Management Framework in the context of the HOLISDER project. It describes the Framework’s capabilities and provides instructions on how to use it.

The Interoperability and Data Management Framework is the central piece of the architecture of the HOLISDER solution. It serves as orchestrator of the communication and as a storage location for historical sensor data. The framework is comprised of Message Oriented Middleware and two types of gateway devices. These gateway devices interface with various sensing devices located onsite and store the data in the Middleware. The gateways use OpenADR standard to communicate with various outside parties through the Middleware to realize various demand-response scenarios.

Another demonstrator, Visualisation Platform and End-User Toolkit, provides a wide-range of end-user interfaces addressing the variety of stakeholders in the Demand Respons (DR) value chain and properly addresing their need for information provision and analytics. This document presents a user’s manual explaining the use of the different visual interfaces: the aggregators/retailers app, the consumer app, the facility managers/ESCO app; and finally, smartphone app user interface. This manual describes the different applications for each specific end-user, describing the functionality and usage per screen. The document is delivered by ETRA experts, working on technical, but also business aspects of HOLISDER project development.

Both documents in their full versions are available and ready to download on HOLISDER website - -  in the Library/Reports section.

Source: ASM, HOLISDER Consortium