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PTEC presents the Positioning document of the Spanish construction sector in R&D&I in the European context

On a mission to promote the transformation of the sector through R&D&I, with a stable structure of public-private collaboration in this field, the Spanish Construction Technology Platform, PTEC (ECTP member) has developed this document in the aim of helping to better position our productive fabric. To contextualise the present document, it is indicated that the European Positioning Working Group of the PTEC construction sector, worked in 2019 and 2020 on a strategic document with the aim of analysing the situation and framework of the construction sector in Spain in relation to its European positioning in R&D&I.

After 2 years and driven by the same coordination of the Working Group (TECNALIA and PTEC), a new strategic document was drawn up, updated to the social and economic environment and circumstances of the year 2022.
And it is now in the year 2024 that they are launching a new document updated to the socio-economic framework of the current year 2024. 

The document mentions the R&D&I priorities that are considered key to solving the sector’s global challenges, expanding or qualifying in previous years, going into detail on the sector’s priority technological lines and, of
course, on its digital transformation. The document describes the updates of the R&D programmes at a European level and an important part of the document is the topic-technology line mapping, which specifically refers to the analysis of the adequacy of PTEC’s priority technology lines to the topics of HORIZON EUROPE’s 2023-2024 work programmes. Finally, the document contains a last section on Keys to evolve as a sector, which we hope will inspire all the agents that participate or are involved and help to achieve a digitalised, competitive, efficient, safe and sustainable sector through R+D+I.

Download from PTEC website: