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QUE Technologies is joining ECTP

ECTP has the pleasure to welcome another applicant organisation, QUE Technologies (Greek SME), which membership will be formally endorsed by the next ECTP General Assembly

QUE Technologies offers digital services that address the complex energy needs of buildings, including improving the embedded energy efficiency of buildings during construction plans/works, as well as optimising the energy flows during building operation.
It develops digital tools for decision support in renovation and energy management of residential buildings in the context of R&D activities in EU co-funded and self-funded activities, and also develops an energy management toolbox comprising tools to enable ESCOs, aggregators and retailers to collectively profile, manage and optimise the energy performance of smart building portfolios. The toolbox enables business actors to offer ESCO services in line with existing smart energy schemes (dynamic tariffs, flexibility, self-consumption, etc.) by adapting demand patterns of energy assets to improve their operating costs and sustainability. 

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