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SHAPE-EU Survey: Barriers and Needs for Implementing Deep Energy Refurbishment

The project European Affordable Housing Consortium: Sustainable Housing for Social Impact (SHAPE-EU - Grant Agreement no. 101069909) will support SMEs, public authorities and affordable housing providers to implement lighthouse district-level renovation projects targeting social and affordable housing that integrate innovative features, such as the use of smart, circular and modular renovation technologies, people-centred business models or experimental co-creation and engagement practices.

The consortium, including ECTP, will create a Districts Accelerator – a hub of expertise, networking and knowledge transfer, entirely dedicated to helping local partnerships integrate innovative features. SHAPE-EU will produce three blueprints (technical, socio-economic, financial) to guide local partnerships towards planning and implementing lighthouse district projects on project implementation, social innovation, and technical, financial and regulatory issues.

In order to ensure that the support to be provided to Local Industrial Partnerships, which always include many SMEs, is suitable, the consortium starts by undertaking a wide-ranging update study of the specific needs of SMEs, housing providers and local public authorities engaged in local renovation project at the district scale.

SMEs are therefore invited to fill in the Stakeholder survey: Barriers and Needs for Implementing Deep Energy Refurbishment available here.

Deadline for submitting responses is July 15th.