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Share information within the European Fire Safety Community

The European Fire Safety Community was launched in 2019 by Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) to connect on a permanent basis all relevant stakeholders in European building fire safety. It has over 650 members from across Europe (as well as the USA, the Middle East, some countries in Asia and Oceania etc.). The Community members include individuals such as academics, national/EU policymakers, firefighters, fire engineers, industry representatives etc.

One of the aim of this Community is to share information between stakeholders on building fire safety, facilitate potential collaboration and develop concrete solutions on subjects such as building sustainability, energy-efficiency, facades, data collection etc.
FSEU offers the possibility to share information on projects they might have that could be related to building fire safety. To do so, you can either join the Community as a member (free) and publish on its live feed, or if you want an article to be shared in the news section you can email:

Download the EFSC flyer here.

Source: FSEU