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SmartBuit4EU-BuildUp webinar "Smart buildings: meet EU innovators". Recordings available!

SmartBuilt4EU has organized its second webinar to introduce 9 EU-funded projects currently developing and testing solutions that will push further the smart readiness of buildings and their interactions with the environment. They address various topics such as the optimization of energy consumption and (renewable) generation, the provision of flexibility services to the power network, improved wellbeing and new services to occupants, as well as new business opportunities and models.
Projects that are close to completion or have recently finished have presented their results and shared lessons learnt: HOLISDER | Heat4Cool | eTEACHER | TABEDE | RenoZEB
Projects that have recently started have presented their objectives and the innovations they will develop: EPC-RECAST | Cogito | MATRYCS | PHOENIX
If you have missed the webinar, you can watch its recording here:

Source: ECTP, SB4EU project coordinator