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Speaking and visibility opportunities at The Future City Conference: The Core of the Green and Digital Transitions in Europe

The conference entitled The Future City: The Core of the Green and Digital Transitions in Europe will take place online over two days on 15 and 16 June and will focus on the role that cities can play in the twin transitions towards climate neutrality and digital leadership.

There is a session on the Renovation Wave Strategy of particular interest to the Construction sector.

As the closest level of governments to people and as centres of economic growth, cities have the potential to play a major role in dealing with many of the critical issues faced in Europe today, by becoming key drivers of the “twin green and digital transitions”. The conference will ask how new ways of thinking about the design and planning of cities can be further promoted to sustain urban growth and to embed urban resilience and adaptation in the recovery planning in line with the goals of the EU Urban Agenda, with the plans outlined in the European Industrial Strategy, Data Strategy and the Green Deal, and in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Themes covered by the event will include:

  • The role of tech and data for a human-centric and green digital transformation of the city;
  • The computing power and connectivity infrastructure needed to achieve sustainable and resilient smart cities;
  • The role of energy systems integration to lower emissions in the circular city;
  • Smart and sustainable mobility, multimodality and the future of city planning;
  • The role of the Renovation Wave Strategy for a circular and smart urban transformation;
  • Achieving sustainable and resilient food systems in cities and strengthening their connection with peripheral rural communities;
  • The future of urban development policies post Covid-19.

The conference programme is available here.

The sponsorship brochure gives more information on a wide range of benefits offered to interested companies including: a speaking slot for a company representative + an additional speaking slot for a representative of a company they work with (partner, customer) and the chance to organise its own 45min session, amongst other possible benefits.