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Submit your project results on the Horizon Results Platform by Thursday 6 April!

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Research & Innovation (Clean Planet Directorate), in cooperation with Business Angels Europe is organising a pitching event in Brussels on 23 May 2023 afternoon, where selected beneficiaries of Horizon projects in the areas of energy, transport, mobility and Euratom can pitch their Key Exploitable Results.

The EC is looking for companies with mature results in the following areas of interest for ECTP Members (non-exhaustive list):

  • Energy: Buildings, renewables, grid related, batteries & storage, Innovation Fund relevant.
  • Transport: Zero emission road transport, multimodal transport, transport infrastructure, logistics, transport safety and security and resilience, European Battery value chain.
  • Mobility: Connected, cooperative and automated mobility,

Suitable candidates are asked to upload their exploitable results on the Horizon Results Platform by Thursday 6 April and to send the link of the page on the Horizon Results Platform to and

Business Angels Europe will select the pitchers based on available information on this platform.
The Horizon Results Platform connects EU-funded research and innovation results with interested third parties: investors, policy-makers, research centres, partners and other stakeholders, to accelerate the chances of successful matchmaking. The platform:

  • Is a free tool where you can promote the Key Exploitable Results of your projects;
  • Is easy to use as it is hosted under the Funding & Tenders Portal where you manage everything else for your projects;
  • Is a matchmaking tool with a wide range of flags and attention-grabbing features to attract your target audiences and increase your chances of successful matchmaking;
  • Is managed by you: you can publish and update your Key Exploitable Results whenever they are available;
  • Reaches out to many audiences – politicians, investors, researchers, scientists, scholars, entrepreneurs, financing experts, IP specialists, and other stakeholders visit the Horizon Results Platform regularly;
  • Collaborates with various thematic platforms, which are relevant to your projects.

Find out what users of the Horizon Results Platform say about it in this video.
How to upload your Key Exploitable Results now and start reaping the benefits.

  • Go to "My projects", enter your EU Login credentials and select the "upload results" option for the project you wish to draft a result.
  • Use the "IT How To" guide, created to assist you in uploading content.

For questions about the platform, you can contact
For questions about the pitching event on May 23, please contact: and