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The 4th TripleA-reno newsletter is out!

You can download the 4th TripleA-reno newsletter here.

Building upon results from a number of relevant European projects, TripleA-reno aims to achieve a set of specific measurable qualitative objectives.

The project objectives are:

  • To foster new consumer and end-user centred business models, using evidence based performances that facilitate decision-making.
  • To improve performances of deep renovation by enhanced quality control, supported by targeted CPD and training.
  • To provide consumers and end-users of deep renovation projects with attractive, understandable and personalized information of realised real performance.
  • To demonstrate the benefits and evidence based solutions in live demonstration cases.
  • To roll out the results on a wider European scale by the in Triple A-Reno involved European interest groups and umbrella associations.

Get to know TripleA-reno in a nutshell and watch the project video.

Source: TripleA-reno consortium