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The 6 ECTP Committees have issued their Position Papers!

The Chairs and Executive Boards of the 6 ECTP Committees have conducted over the last months a strategic reflection on the research and innovation paths that should be supported under the 2nd half of Horizon Europe, followed by a consultation open to all the ECTP members.

This work resulted in the elaboration of 6 Position Papers that introduce the challenges of the construction sector related to the respective topics of each Committee, as well as the related R&D priority topics to be further explored, together with a proposed implementation timeline.

These papers should feed:

  • The next consolidated version of the overall ECTP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) to be elaborated starting at Fall 2022.
  • Through this SRIA, the Horizon Europe calls of the coming years, and in particular the future Work Programme 2025-2027.

Links to download the 6 Position Papers:

Source: ECTP Secretariat