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The Affordable Housing Initiative support programme is up and running

Municipalities, public, social or cooperative housing owners and/or providers or companies are eligible to receive support - at no cost - and are invited to register to until February 28th.
Through this programme, they would be able to:

  • Access our pool of experts, available to assist in the planning or in the implementation phase of district renovation. These carefully selected experts have successfully completed an outstanding project themselves, so they have the practical know-how to help them achieve their goals.
  • Pitch their project before a team of investors at our Paris Summit (June 20/22nd 2023). They can receive advice on the right funding or sponsorship relevant for their project or if the funding / financial model needs adjustment.
  • Join study visits to success stories of neighbourhood renovation and meet the experts behind the scenes (throughout 2023).
  • Improve their financial literacy in everything related to renovation through our online webinars (throughout 2023).
  • Receive online training on innovative approaches for neighbourhood level renovation, to help with project planning, social innovation, or go the extra mile in terms of using new technologies (throughout 2023).
  • Attend our ‘Tech Camp’, in Barcelona (June 7/9th 2023) to get to know the latest technologies in key areas of the energy transition, such as circular approaches, district heating, renewables, nature-based architecture, etc.
  • Attend our ‘Bootcamp’ in Vienna (18/19th September 2023), where our experts will share their experiences and insights from completed renovations.

By following this link, you can also access directly the application form
Factsheet of the project available here.