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Training series of the SCORES project!

Watch the eight interesting training videos and learn more about the SCORES project's technology!
The content of the Training series is the following:
1. Integrated Solutions | TNO
2. Building Energy Management System I SIEMENS
3. Phase Change Material I CAMPA
4. Air-to-air Heat Pumps I CAMPA
5. Water-to-water heat pumps I HELIOPAC
6. CLC Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage I TNO
7. Heat Battery Based on GVI I KONIG METALL
8. Demonstrations I EDF, AEE INTEC
Link to the training series:
Information about the project: The SCORES project is a research project supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme for Research and Innovation (Call H2020-EEB-2017, Project No. 766464) with an initial duration of 48 months. The project was extended by 6 months due to the global pandemic.
The project consortium consists of twelve partners from seven European countries and has a strong industrial character (three SMEs and six LEs), complemented by one university and two research and technology organizations, including TNO.

More information about the project is available on the website: