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Adapt-&-Play Holistic cOst-Effective and user-frieNdly Innovations with high replicability to upgrade smartness of eXisting buildings with legacy equipment

Start date: 01.09.2020

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: Universidad de Murcia

Budget: 5.2 M€


PHOENIX introduces the novel concept of Adapt&Play. This concept represents the possibility of adapting existing devices in the building to make them capable of forming an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem that communicates other elements in the building providing recommendations and advices to ensure building occupants savings and comfort, and contribute to an efficient energy system.

PHOENIX will design a portfolio of ICT solutions covering all aspects from hardware and software upgrades needed in legacy equipment and optimal deployment of sensors, to data analytics and services for both building users and energy utilities. PHOENIX will take advantage of artificial intelligence technologies, as well as edge/cloud computing methods, to provide the highest level of smartness to existing buildings. These improvements will translate in human-centric new services for building users and an improvement on both execution of grid operations and data sharing.

The project partners are detailed here.

List of achievements

More information on the project solution will be available here.

To validate and evaluate the proposed solution, PHOENIX partners will provide 5 different real-world pilots, located in Thessaloniki (Greece), Dublin (Ireland), University of Murcia (Spain), Region of Murcia (Spain) and SkellefteƄ (Sweden).


Contact person:
Address: Universidad de Murcia


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