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Building and district thermal retrofit and management solutions

Start date: 01.10.2016

Duration: 42 months

Coordinator: Fernando Centeno

Budget: 5.7 M€


THERMOSS aims to produce an outstanding contribution to the wider deployment of advanced building heating and cooling technologies in the EU. THERMOSS proposes an industry-focused, innovation-intensive approach to ease and foster the introduction of cutting-edge heating and cooling technologies for building energy retrofitting at European level, targeting residential buildings and buildings connected to District Heating and Cooling (DHC) networks.

In order to achieve this challenging objective, four sub-objectives are derived. Firstly, the THERMOSS project focuses on ensuring an efficient match between supply and demand of energy through real-time management of thermal energy at the building level, then scaled up to the district level for District Heating and Cooling (DHC) connected buildings. Next sub-objective is Increase the efficiency of residential building thermal retrofitting, with a target of 30% energy consumption reduction. THERMOSS proposes to concentrate on 4 sets of technology package retrofit solutions, associated with a sizing toolbox, that can be applied for standalone residential and district connected buildings (heating and cooling) covering the European different climates. Another goal is to sharpen the construction and energy industry awareness as to the need to provide open access to a heating /cooling technology database to promote the deployment of the most effective solutions. In order to promote the wide acceptance of new efficient heat/cold production systems, it is proposed, an open database and portal to publish available and proven technologies, taking into account building typologies and European climates to focus on generating value through access (and potential re-use) of specific type of data that have a significant public-oriented interest, including data from publicly funded research project. And last but not least, THERMOSS project aims to demonstrate a high potential for replication throughout Europe, allowing a large market introduction of the selected THERMOSS solutions before 2025, while guaranteeing a payback period below 10 years, by bringing the proposed THERMOSS technological solutions to a TRL 7.

List of achievements

The project results are available here.


Contact person: Fernando Centeno / Federica Fuligni
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