Project details



Building energy efficiency for massive market uptake

Start date: 01.01.2010

Duration: 48 months

Coordinator: ACCIONA

Budget: 7.7 M€


BEEM-UP will demonstrate the economic, social and technical feasibility of retrofitting initiatives, drastically reducing the energy consumption in existing buildings, and lay the ground for massive market uptake. BEEM-UP involves the building owners at 3 sites in France, Sweden and the Netherlands to implement an innovative approach to go beyond a 75% reduction in space heat energy consumption, in addition to reducing the total energy consumption. Ambitious energy reduction will be demonstrated as the economically most attractive alternative for retrofitting.

In integrated design the building owners, industry, designers and energy experts collaborate around the building to reach a higher performance and be more adapted to the tenant needs than if just plugging in separate solutions are used. New concepts will be identified that can be replicated in further retrofit projects.

An ambitious monitoring programme to demonstrate the reduction in energy consumption will accompany the whole process, including a period of at least two years after the retrofit. This technical monitoring will be complemented with a social monitoring, focusing on the acceptance of the occupant.

A whole programme is designated to involve the occupants in the retrofit. ICT systems (smart metering and building control) will encourage and support energy savings.

List of achievements

In BEEM-UP, a total of 21 Partners from a variety of sectors collaborated over 4 years to demonstrate successful approaches for deep retrofitting with the potential for largescale replication. The project identified and implemented cost-effective 'solution packages' and delivered approximately 75% heating demand reduction in over 340 dwellings located in Sweden, France and the Netherlands.


Contact person: Juan Ramón de las Cuevas
Address: Acciona