Project details



Built to specifications: Self-inspection, 3D modelling, management and quality check tools for the 21st century construction worksite

Start date: 01.01.2015

Duration: 48 months

Coordinator: NOBATEK/INEF4

Budget: 5.9 M€


Built2Spec brings together a new and breakthrough set of technological advances for self-inspection and quality assurance that will be put into the hands of construction stakeholders to help meeting EU energy efficiency targets, new build standards, and related policy ambitions. B2S will expand upon a cloud based construction support platform, conceived following the most advanced integrated design and delivery framework for the building sector and hosting applications that facilitate worksite activities and quality compliance by putting knowledge in hands of contractors, in the form of shared design specifications and 3D models, installation guidelines, information on regulatory frameworks, and help from construction experts on smartphones and tablets. New self-inspection technologies managed within the platform and developed in the project include:

  • Special IR camera in smartphones coupled with new mathematical “reverse” models for on-the-fly analysis of existing buildings envelope thermal properties
  • Rapid BIM modelling via instant 3D capture with smartphones, passed via the cloud to the refurbishment team back-office, allowing accurate instant energy efficiency evaluation, quality check and streamlined quotation process
  • Portable, innovative low pressure air tightness technique allowing testing of occupied buildings
  • Smart sensor-embedded construction elements (identification, structural performance, and building environment parameters)
  • Portable single device for Indoor Air Quality tests offering multi-gas capabilities targeting the most harmful gas pollutants
  • A novel lightweight portable sound source for on-site acoustic tests to regulation compliance

The B2S system will be integrated into the operations of SME contractors, large construction firms, and end user clients directly within the consortium and work program activities, assuring systematic and scientific performance measures, feedback and powerful exploitation and dissemination strategies.

List of achievements

The results and reports in the field of self-inspection and quality assurance generated during the project are available here.


Contact person: Germain Adell