Project details



Climate and cultural based design and market valuable technology solutions for Plus Energy Houses

Start date: 01.10.2019

Duration: 60 months

Coordinator: EURAC

Budget: 9.64 M€


Combining climate and cultural differences when building energy-efficient and cost-affordable houses could encourage new business models. New technologies are needed for specific solutions that optimise the value/cost ratio of ‘Plus Energy Houses’ (PEHs).  The EU-funded CULTURAL-E project will develop new technologies based on an accurately designed map of European climates, building patterns and cultural-energy customs. The project intends to develop tailored solutions for effective and cost-affordable interior environmental conditions based on the concept of regeneration for both the outside and inside environment. The project will use advanced ventilation and solar control technologies and will deploy a specific management strategy that averts high energy demands.

CULTURAL-E aims to define modular and replicable solutions for Plus Energy Houses (PEHs), accounting for climate and cultural differences, while engaging all key players involved in the building life cycle; to create comfortable, efficient, and affordable indoor environments. CULTURAL-E will develop technologies and solution sets that are tailorable to specific contexts and energy demands, as well as performing a comprehensive optimization of the value/cost ratio of PEHs.

List of achievements

The project outputs and results are available here.


Contact person: Roberto Lollini
Address: Eurac Research, Institute for Renewable Energy


In progress