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Construction Phase Digital Twin Model

Start date: 01.11.2020

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: Hypertech

Budget: 5.9 M€


Digitalisation for lean construction is a stepping stone to achieve the industrialisation of the construction sector, although buildings and infrastructures’ construction phase has so far been overlooked by the Digital Twin community. Going beyond “static” Building Information Modelling (BIM) is required by leveraging technologies like IoT, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. However, lack of commonly agreed standards and low interoperability among collected data reveal a major drawback to the enterprises’ digital transformation, even for large construction enterprises with full access to state of the art digital, reality capture tools. Construction projects require collaboration between many parties and it comes as no surprise that oft different, non-transparent platforms for digital data handling are used.

Towards minimising construction project time/cost overruns and alleviate workplace accidents, COGITO targets to a semantic and pragmatic alignment between novel data capture techniques and delivery of value-adding end-user services leveraging the power of near-real-time data for the timely detection of health & safety hazards to humans, construction quality defects as well as a constantly up-to-date workflow management in order to minimise construction project time/cost overruns and alleviate workplace accidents.

To address this challenge, COGITO introduces a real-time digital representation (twin) of a construction project, using methods to ensure interoperability among the different components and technologies constituting the digital twin ecosystem, following the lean construction principles. COGITO aims to materialise the digitalisation benefits for the construction industry by harmonising Digital Twins with the Building Information Model concept and to establish a digital Construction 4.0 tool-box.

List of achievements

The project publications will be available here and the results achieved here.


Contact person: Katerina Valalaki & Giorgos Giannakis
Address: Hypertech


In progress