Project details



Energy efficient buildings Cluster Activities Coordination Action

Start date: 01.02.2015

Duration: 24 months

Coordinator: CSTB

Budget: 0.5 M€


EeB-CA2 developed a set of instruments supporting technology-clustering and geo-clustering upon the whole set of EeB PPP EC-funded projects related to energy efficiency in the built environment.

EeB-CA2 has contributed to:

  • Increase public presence and awareness of EeB PPP activities
  • Stimulate networks and alliances for further RTD and industrial innovation in the addressed technology and application areas
  • Speed up industrial exploitation and technology transfer of results of EeB PPP projects.

List of achievements

2016 EeB PPP Promising Technology Brochures: 5 brochures presenting a selection of the most promising innovations developed by EeB PPP projects.
ECTP-EeB Committee official YouTube channel: a YouTube channel offering short promotional videos developed by EeB PPP projects, as well as a series of webinars to present EeB PPP success stories.
ECTP-EeB official LinkedIn group: the official LinkedIn group of the ECTP Energy Efficient Buildings committee, offering the latest updates from the EeB PPP projects community.


D2.3 – Final report on community activities
D3.3 – Knowledge platform – final release
D4.4 & 4.6 - Dissemination and Communication activities, Performance report
D6.2 - EeB Monitoring Methodology and Monitoring Report Year 2

Lessons learnt

Some of the activities initiated by EeB-CA2 are now continued on the long term by the E2B Committee of ECTP.


Contact person: Régis Decorme
Address: CSTB