Project details



Energy efficient & Cost competitive retrofitting solutions for Shopping buildings

Start date: 01.09.2013

Duration: 24 months

Coordinator: ENERGOSYS

Budget: 5.9 M€


EcoShopping project aims to build a holistic retrofitting solution for commercial buildings to reduce primary energy consumption down to less than 80kWh/m2 per year and increase the share of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) more than 50% compared to the state of the art. The approach will be systemic by developing (1). Novel thermal insulation solutions using cost effective materials to further reduce the thermal losses and lower the energy consumption. (2). Easy to install and cascadable daylighting technologies based on the NLIS system to reduce energy billing and improve comfort. (3). HVAC Retrofitting systemic approach based on RES direct powered DC variable speed heat pump and harnessing the Building Thermal Mass for reducing the energy consumption. (4). Integrated solution way based on the Intelligent Automation Unit (IAU) concept and Mobile Robot.

The project intends to use and integrate available products and technologies along with a network of low-cost equipment to accurately monitor the environmental and occupancy parameters to have a better control of the BAM and full exploitation of the Building Thermal Mass, which serves as a “Thermal Battery” and stores the RES directly without using battery, tank or other expensive storage material and simplifying the system structure. The purpose is to reduce the energy consumption without losing comfort for users and providing, at the same time, higher energy performance, security and healthy, automatic and reliable services to visitors, building operators and owners. For this the development of the IAU and the extension of Mobile Robot plays an important role, in concept of accurate control, demand reduction, user oriented and friendly service, building security etc.

List of achievements

Reporting, results and news about the project available on CORDIS.


Contact person: Enrique Grosser Lagos
Address: ENERGOSYS Inc.