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Energy Performance Certificate Recast

Start date: 01.09.2020

Duration: 40 months

Coordinator: CSTB

Budget: 2.75 M€


Energy retrofit strategies for buildings represent a major challenge for the achievement of EU decarbonisation goals. In 2002, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) introduced the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) as an instrument to assess building energy performance, propose and support energy retrofit projects, and develop financing tools. However, this instrument remains largely unexploited due to several challenges influencing confidence, decision support and articulation for financing. Moreover, to engage end users, the certification should propose concrete roads to ambitious goals respecting buildings’ overall quality and increasing energy performance.

EPC RECAST project will develop a well-structured process and a toolbox supporting the evolution of the Energy Performance Assessment and Certification (focus on existing residential buildings). By enhancing EPCs usability, reliability, and comparability, and by linking them to renovation roadmaps and building digital notebooks, EPC RECAST can achieve unprecedented user-friendliness and user awareness about building performance.

List of achievements

More information on the EPC RECAST toolbox here.


Contact person: Mathieu RIVALLAIN
Address: CSTB


In progress